About Us

Priti Jha is the founder, and lead guide at The cherrycart which started in 2010. In 2010, guided by her dream to be able to educate young children she opened her first pre-school . Her passion was always fueled by the desire to play an integral part in shaping young lives and minds.

She is a trained and certified Montessorian recognized by the IMC. Being very passionate about teaching young children, it was her dream to have a school where children are loved . In 2016 she discovered the Montessori philosophy, a method that made sense because of its hands-on approach and simplicity. Having discovered the magic of the Montessori method, led to a strong desire to adopt the montessori methodology in her school. Immediately she set her goal to bring this method to the children of her school.

Our warm and inviting classrooms are filled with appealing materials that provide students with active, hands-on learning experiences that engage all of their senses.

We follow one principle that ” children should be free to learn and succeed without restriction and criticism.”

The core team is supported by qualified and dedicated faculty members and trained care-givers. Our every effort is towards giving a child a loving, safe and a beautiful environment, tailored to their learning. Our staff are trained in the Montessori philosophy and are supported by the school in their commitment to expand and upgrade their skills.

The environment is structured yet still allows for the child’s independence of learning.

The classroom is equipped, and furnished to facilitate learning in a comfortable, child-centered environment. The carefully designed materials allow children to physically manipulate objects that promote knowledge in the areas of math, language, geography, science, and practical life. We follow the Montessori philosophy, a method we believe is the best suited for children in their formative years.